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Those tourist places aren't what we're looking for. After a 15 minutes sail we drop the anchor next to a lonely sandy island. We put our swimming gear and kite surfing stuff in the tender and spend the rest of this beautiful day relaxing, swimming and surfing around the island.

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Somebody has the idea to have a bonfire, so we decide to cook a potato curry in the flames and spend the evening at the beach. It's really good - the food, the fire, the whole moment! We stay there for a few hours, chatting and discussing the plans for the next days and then we start our very first Spanish lesson hold by Dani. That's the moment we really arrive in Cuba and now everybody's looking forward to see more of this beautiful country!

Translation of «Salmi» into 25 languages

Den ersten Tag auf Kuba verbringen wir wie die meisten ersten Tage in einem neuen Land. Deshalb verlassen wir schon bald die Ferienanlage und verholen uns vor eine der vielen kleinen Sandinseln vor Cayo Blanco. Wir werfen Kite- und Badesachen ins Dinghi und fahren an Land. Als die Sonne schon recht tief steht hat irgendjemand die Idee ein Lagerfeuer zu machen und darauf zu kochen. Passt perfekt, denn wir sind hungrig und der Smutje hat auch schon eine Essensidee im Kopf.

Ein Moment der uns verbindet, umspannt mit der Aussicht auf eine hervorragende Zeit in Kuba. Havana is just great! We like it that much we went there twice. It's full of live, colours and noise and really fucked up. Their lifestyle is more built on social connections instead of consumption. To see how the socialism in Cuba works is a really special thing on our journey.

We like that a lot because it shows how less you need for a good life. The old part, Havana Vieja is really beautiful the restored corners as well as the fucked up ones but there you have to deal with lots of tourists. But still, you'll find some cool places to grab food or drinks and hang out with nice people.

Our best idea was to enter one of the houses in the center and walked up the staircase. The view from the rooftop into the world of Havana really is a thing! From Havana Vieja you can follow the Malecon and get to Vedado, the more urban part of the city. There's always something going on there. You'll find many bars, clubs and restaurants around here.

Just start a chat with the local guys. They are really nice and laid-back. Die Stadt ist der Hammer! Wahnsinnig lebendig, bunt, laut und sehr abgefuckt. Auf der anderen Seite brauchen sie nicht viel zum Leben und das was sie brauchen, ist oft recycelt, oder ohne Verpackung.


Der Ein Blick von der Dachterrasse auf Havanna ist beeindruckend! Am besten quatscht man einfach mit ein paar Kubanern. Surfing in Cuba is a little different. The only offer is a kite rental service in upper-class hotels on cuban islands or a kite school in Varadero — the huge hotel city for rich people from around the world.

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But to go kite surfing on secret spots, Cuba is lit! There's just the land and the sea as it's been since ever! We heard that sometimes the waves in the north-east coastline are quite good, but during our time, there was no swell at all. You'll have to get along by your own. Especially when you do have your own boat with you, there are hundreds of lonely islands just waiting to surf and explore.

That's how we like it! Back to the roots! We surf at lonesome beaches, abandoned houses or in the mangroves. It's a little anarchic and so special. It's just us, the wind, the water and pure nature. Nur sehr wenige Kubaner gehen Segeln, Surfen oder Kiten. Mit einem Schiff kommt man hier wesentlich weiter. Am besten mit einem Katamaran, weil das Wasser an vielen Stellen nicht mehr als Meter tief ist.

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So haben wir es uns vorgestellt Segeln und Kiten zu verbinden! Es wirkt alles ein wenig anarchisch und verlassen, was in uns den Seefahrer-Entdeckergeist entfacht. Das was wir hier erleben ist surfen pur. An verlassenen Orten, auf winzigen Inseln. Einfach wir, der Wind und das Meer. After a nice hike we get to some abandoned hats in the heart of the jungle, somewhere in the Sierra Maestra.

Over 50 years ago Fidel Castro lived in this tiny hat during the first months of the Cuban revolution which was organised right here. We can feel the spirit of the revolution. The Sierra Meastra and Santa Domingo, the last village before the road ends, really are worth a visit - not only for historical reason! The nature, the landscape with its high mountains and the isolation from everything else makes this place a little paradise for us! Cuban farmers are coming back from their fields in the mountains, riding through the riverbed on their horses as we cross the wobbly bridge towards a tiny restaurant.

If you've got the time, come here! The ride up here itself is already a little adventure! Die Baracke von Fidel Castro. Der Geist der Revolution scheint fast greifbar. Das beeindruckt uns, genauso wie die Landschaft. Das Fehlen von Autos und stattdessen Kubaner die auf ihren Pferden durch den Fluss reiten, um zu ihren Feldern zu gelangen.

Wie aus einer anderen Zeit. Baracoa is a small village in the complete east of Cuba in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a beautiful landscape for which the area is famous for. Unluckily a hurricane crashed into Baracoa in autumn '16, so most of the houses and fields and the forest itself is still destroyed.

There's good food and rum, nice, authentic people, and a long black beach.

Aus Omas Küche: So macht man Semmelbettelmann

This part of Cuba is worth to see! There's always music around us, we join salsa parties at the promenade and watch the men play domino in the streets. Die Zeit scheint stehengeblieben zu sein. Fresh fish filet, seasoned with fresh pepper, lime, garlic, lemon grass and salt.

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  4. We meet Joe while we're sitting on a bench, drinking cold beer. We bought it at the bar on the other side of the road and enjoy the sunset sipping it. Joe is the fifth local who walks by, shakes our hands and starts a conversation. The bar is filled with locals and we really stick out with our white skin.

    Joe is a sympathetic guy, making jokes, laughing a lot and talking about his home. He is a Rasta and lives near the forest, growing his own crops and ganja. He doesn't drink alcohol, eats no meat, applies no chemical fertilizer and only consumes what he grows himself.