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When I was young my father abandoned me twice as a child. I grew up to be a very angry and depressed young man.

I truly hated him for it. In high school, I had this amazing teacher. He helped me, and so many others, in so many ways. But one day he asked me something. Not because he deserves it. But because you do. He was completely right. I forgave my father, and over time have built up an incredibly close relationship with the man. And I could neve have gotten to this point without my teacher. People die.

Julkaisijan kuvaus

People leave. People change their minds. When all is said and done, you end up with yourself. In fact, you better LOVE who that is. Work everyday to be your best self. We all are. Do everything you want to do. My dad once gave me and my brother each a dollar out of nowhere. It could be all they have to give and a huge sacrifice to them. And I could really use that dollar right now. S Lewis.

50 Blessed Quotes Celebrating Your Everyday Blessings

The first female leader of the Cherokee Nation came to my college campus years ago. She gave a speech, talking about how her life had been formed by always striving for more, never turning away from the challenge. When confronted with two roads I always choose what scares me more. Prev Article Next Article. The the ages of the internet, we often look for words of wisdom from people we admire. Scroll down to see some of our favorite responses to this subreddit.

RedheadBanshee 3. DiffidentDissident 6. AnthraxyWaxy 8. Bmonroet 9. Mutericator Rickst75 Zingiberly It was on video. There is no harder, only hard.


Partying with Purpose: Saada Ahmed

This is a philosophy I live by now. My life is so much better for it. S Lewis -eDgAR- Were you ever given advice that changed your life? Apart from God's power, there is no Christian life. This crucial truth makes the phrase "Christian life in the power of the Spirit"; essentially redundant.

The Holy Spirit causes the process that Jesus referred to as "being born again,"; and the Holy Spirit seals those who are born again to ensure they stand blameless before God at the end of their days, and the Holy Spirit sustains those who are born again every millisecond between those two moments.

Because of this, if a person lived apart from the power of the Holy Spirit, he would not be a Christian-in fact, he could not even be said to be spiritually alive at all!

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But many of us - Christians included-don't think of God's power this way. We experience an especially powerful church service and say things like, "God showed up! All of these ways of thinking betray a fundamental misunderstanding of God's real presence in our daily lives.

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We need to understand that when our life feels lacking in power, it's not because we haven't actualized our innate potential. In fact, that's the problem! When our life is lacking in power, it's typically because we are working in our own strength too much!